Here what our clients & professional colleagues have to say about their experiences...


Peter didn’t feel he was in a home for rehabilitation. It was almost like being in a hotel, which was lovely.
— Jean Stewart, Wife of former resident
We toured the centre and were immensely impressed with the facilities and staff. It’s the spaciousness and quality feel to the centre that is a lasting impression, as is the focus on rehabilitation.
— Tim Dodds, Former Mayor of Surrey Heath
I was completely immobilised when I arrived here, I couldn’t sit up on my own, I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t walk – I really did need extensive care. I was completely dependent on the team; they really took me along the right path. They were encouraging... I could see the empathy the staff had - they really cared. There wasn’t much I could do but there was so much they did for me. They really motivated me. I owe a lot of credit to the staff here - I’m more confident, I got so much motivation and praise, and now I am back home living with my wife which is all I could have ever hoped for.
— Peter Stewart, Former resident
A truly ‘state-of-the-art’ centre for excellence in rehabilitation. It is wonderful to see how people with disabilities are being encouraged and empowered to live as independently as possible. The role that the team at Ascot Rehab at Bagshot Park plays in supporting people who have an impairment is excellent - the team is doing a great job in giving people the best quality of life and helping to achieve their full potential.
— Excerpt from speech made by Esther McVey MP, Former Minister for Disabled People
Evident that you have taken the whole picture of the client in to consideration…..fantastic facility much needed as there is a demand for centres that cater for specialist neurorehabilitation.
— Nicola Glimmerveen, Flexible Physiotherapy.
I am pleased to be in a room of my own that has given me a more personal environment with privacy and dignity. Every part of my care is focused on my acute needs from the more demanding physion to a simple game of scrabble. the professional team have welcomed me not only a s a patient but as part of the community that Bagshot Park is becoming.
— Fred Mellet, Resident