For admission to inpatient rehabilitation...



We take extreme pride in the care and well-being of our patients, most of whom will have suffered a progressive or non-progressive brain injury and, as a result, require a period of assessment and/or treatment. 

Generally, these patients will have no pre-morbid, progressive, cognitive dysfunction and no acute mental illness. 

Our patients require intensive or slow stream multidisciplinary rehabilitation and enablement. On admission our patients, will demonstrate at least some level of response whilst being medically and surgically stable. 

Each individual is supported by their own bespoke care pathway. To ensure continuity of care and a smooth transition between services we work with patients and their families through each stage of the rehabilitation process from acute rehabilitation to community outreach in their own home. 

At Bagshot Park, we work closely with the NHS, CCGs and other external professional organisations to ensure a smooth transition when being admitted and discharged from Bagshot Park.