Neurorehabilitation & Care 

we accept individuals at any point post injury

*All facilities and services listed are also accessible on an outpatient basis

Our teams are led by a Consultant in Rehabilitation, experienced in the management of long-term conditions and complex disability, and who is able to offer support, recommendations and guidance on day to day service provision. Many of the conditions that cause disability will require care and specialist input from experienced multidisciplinary teams (MDT). We take pride in having specialist skills and expertise to deal with complex issues surrounding disability, both for the patient and the family.

Slow-Stream Neurological Rehabilitation

  • We provide rehabilitation services for a broad spectrum of Neurological conditions, including, stroke, brain injury and spinal chord injury. Residents, families and the multidisciplinary team work closely together to formulate long and short-term goals and strategies to improve quality of life.

  • We also facilitate community activities based on hobbies and lifestyle interests.

  • Our central aim is to improve quality of life, maximise independence and minimise the effect of impairment on daily living.


Specialist Nursing & Tracheostomy Care

  • Our nurses are highly skilled in the management of symptoms arising from neurological conditions. Namely, PEG management, catheter care and specifically Tracheostomy care.

  • Our nurses also provide complex care for those who require regular maintenance of respiratory function and the prevention of infections.


Long-Term Complex Care

  • Since Neurological Conditions sometimes have enduring care needs, our team is trained to manage such needs and we are able to offer long-term complex placements.


Management of Progressive Neurological Conditions

  • CHD Living’s rehabilitation centres provide support to persons with progressive neurological conditions, such as, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and Motor-Neuron Disease.

Bagshot Park & Kingston Rehab serve people referred from local primary care trusts, referrals from hospital discharge teams or private individuals.

Here, patients have a unique rehabilitation programme tailored to meet their clinical, social and  cultural needs.

Facilities include physiotherapy suites, hydrotherapy swimming pool, occupational therapy kitchen and other specifically designed therapeutic areas where patients can practice the skills that will help them return to life at home.